Fasten this super fluffy authentic fox fur to the jacket/coat's hood. Ours is 3D fur on all sides. 

Other features: 

  • elastic loops on the back of the fur trim 
  • clear buttons included (for easy attachment) onto the hood  
  • loops easily attach onto provided buttons 
  • clear and easy instructions on card provided 


Measurements of the hood trim: (4 options:)  

1. THICK = 27 inch length x 3 inch fur width = 67cm length x 13 cm fur width 

2. MEGA THICK = 27 inch length x 3.5 inch fur width = 67cm length x 14 cm fur width (fur density is double as thick as 'thick')

3. CRAZY THICK = 27 inch length x 4 inch fur width = 67 cm length x 15 cm fur width (thicker than 'mega thick') 4. THICK EXTRA LONG = 30 inch length x 4.5 inch fur width = 75 cm length x 13 cm fur width (fur density is double as thick as 'fluffy extra long')

4. THICK X LONG = 30 inch length x 3 inch fur width = 70cm length x 13 cm fur width 


Photo shown of 'crazy thick' width.


Easy DIY instructions (only a needle and thread is needed):

1) Line up the fur trim against the hood of your coat/jacket

2) With chalk or pencil, mark your coat's hood where the fur's loops meet the hood 

3) Sew the enclosed buttons onto the hood

4) Fasten the loops on the fur to your coat's hood.  


(Remember to remove the fur before washing or dry cleaning your coat.)


Image 1 - 'mega thick' width hood trim.

Image 2 - 'thick' width hood trim.

Image 3 shows the hood trim ('thick' width) with the instructional card and buttons. The back view lets you see the contrasting color, elastic loops. Elastic loops are spaced about 4 inches apart.

Image 4 - Model wears 'crazy thick' width hood trim.

Image 5 - Model wears 'mega thick' width hood trim.